Art: Rolled Newspaper – Ages 13-16

Recycling Art is a win win for everyone! Participants will learn the method of manipulating the paper to create different objects. They will be making a bowl in this class, starting simple. Bowls can be used with a simple top coat that will be done in the class. They can have the natural colors of […]

Art: Ice Painting – Ages 2-3

Let your kids experience fun with paint! The paint will be in ice form and they will have fun while learning and testing out new things. We will strive to have little get on the kids but bring them in clothes that are ok to get paint on them. Let your kids make a little […]

Art: Mixed Media – Winter Scene Ages 12-15

Participants will use multiple types of paint and paper along with other tools to create a winter scene of each artist’s choosing. An example of a winter scene is show, but any winter scene can be created. Instruction will be given how how to achieve desired effects with a variety of media options will be […]