Although we function like a traditional library, Books and More is much, much more!
Our programs are changing all the time. They are created based on the needs of our patrons and the staff or volunteers to supply that need. All of our programs are open to members and the community at large. The list below is a sampling of what we do. Our ultimate goal is to use these activities to build community and connection.

Summer Reading

After registering students are encouraged to set a goal for themselves on how many books they will read.  At the end of the summer, they share about some of what they read.

Adult Cooking

Designed to allow adults to share recipes from one culture to another.  This also becomes a time to get to know one another better, crossing cultural divides.

play dough flowers

Art Classes

Minor Medical Clinics

From basic first aid classes, to building healthy habits.  These Medical clinics are designed to improve the lives who attend.  Minor dental and eye clinics have also been provided to help with those needs as well.


Day Camps

Adult Sewing

These classes enable some of the locals to teach techniques that they have learned in their life.  It also provides a hobby development in the area of knitting and crochet as well.


Story Hour

Coffee Connection

As part of the culture it is customary to sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea.  It is an opportunity to share, connect and grow in your concern for each other's lives.  That is our ultimate goal...to connect.

Sports and Games

From time to time we will host clinics on techniques on how to play soccer or other sports.  We also like to engage in competition through board games and card games.  There is nothing like being beat at a game a chess by an 8 year old.



Books and More is home to over 35,000 volumes which are available for all who visit. Those who have members have the option of checking out these resources as well..


Find out more about our programs and how they help us connect us to the community.

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