To be a bridge for the communities of people in Jordan…

to grow and strengthen and enrich each others lives.


Books and More Library was started in May 2010, by Harvey and Nancy Bacus under sanction by the Ministry of Culture to bring literature, knowledge and resources to the people of Jordan. The average month allows for 1000 new visitors and 50 new memberships.

Books and More Jordan is the only public lending library in the country of Jordan that is open to both children and adults. Exposing children at their youngest age to the classics, as well as modern literature is the very foundation of Books and More.

Over the last 12 years, Books and More Jordan has established itself as the backbone for those looking to access literature across the country of Jordan. In 2017, the Ministry of Education sent out a letter to every public school in the Amman region requesting the teachers, staff and librarians to bring their classes to Books and More.

Throughout 2018, Books and More was focused on the long term sustainability through securing financing for the final purchase of the building property and program expansion.

In 2018, Books and More became a government recognized NGO. This has opened many new doors and opportunities across the city and nation.

In 2019, Books and More was able to secure the funding for a permanent building. That purchase will allow expanded growth and programming at the current location as well as new opportunities to grow across the city.

In 2020, Books and More celebrated 10 years in Amman. During that time, there were major lockdowns and restrictions in Amman. New ways to reach the community had to be discovered and throughout a very hard season, Books and More helped many families with resources, financial needs and providing books through book giveaways, book sales and reimagined ways to connect with kids and families and more.


  • Providing equitable access for all in Jordan by promoting literacy.
  • Encouraging individual achievement through workshops and classes.
  • Emphasizing Child development through social activities, skill building classes and week long camps.
  • Empowering women to contribute to society through vocational training and social interactions.
  • Involving the family to do all the above together by being present, open and available for all.

Who is BOOKS AND MORE helping?

Jordanians remain at least half of the total membership, a direct illustration of how the Books and More Team have committed in outreach for the local Jordanian people.  Members also come from every walk of life or status seen in the country. Some members live in the far north or south of the country but due to lack of access on trips into Amman they cannot utilize the library.

Various other members include home-school parents, ex-pats associated with the US Military and US Embassy. Other NGO’s associated with non-military function and work with refugees.

Nearly 50 nations are represented in the membership at Books and More with over 1,500 family memberships.

Membership Testimonials

Families often come once or twice a week to check out books, study or participate in one of the many programs. Over the last 8 years, Books and More has become a staple in the Amman community for families of all demographics. No matter the heritage, cultural differences or economic background, Books and More has created a valuable space for everyone to seek wisdom, find knowledge and explore freely.

“Thank you Books and more for everything,the cozy atmosphere,books and activities,hospitality and most of all the very nice people and their efforts to make reading such a healthy habit starting from early ages.”

Mays Ansari Family of 5 Comes weekly to Story Time

“A great place to take your kids to learn how much reading can be a pleasurable experience. Very friendly staff and very safe place for children.”

Helen Masarweh Family of 7 Children attend summer camps and lego camps

“Lovely Library with caring, loving, friendly and dedicated owners! Great atmosphere and selection. Warm and cozy!”

Cari Abudeyeh Family of 4 Comes weekly to Story Time

How can you help?

While many of people may not visit a library on a regular basis, libraries are a reliable institution for many cities and countries. The country of Jordan is roughly the size of Pennsylvania, which currently has 475 public libraries. It is hard to imagine an entire country of the same size relying on less than 10 libraries total.

Books and More Jordan is looking to fully purchase the current property, add additional levels and build out its programs beyond the lending of books. It is not possible to do this without donations, volunteers and sharing.

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